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*** Health and safety measures we are taking in light of COVID-19 ***

In the News: Supporting Employees with Onsite Childcare  |  2020/5/18
Yamato Gokin’s onsite childcare policy was recently the focus of an article from the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. Due to the spread of COVID-19, schools throughout Japan have been temporarily closed leaving many children with nowhere to go during the day. Recognizing that working parents need a place for their children to play safely, company president Genjiro Hagino has encouraged employees to bring them to the company, stating, “It is a perfect chance for children to see their parents hard at work.”

The article can be viewed below:

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: “Supporting Employees with Onsite Childcare” (PDF, in Japanese)

Regarding COVID-19 and the Declared State of Emergency  |  2020/5/12
As the threat of COVID-19 grows, we at Yamato are taking every effort to mitigate the risk to both our customers and our own employees. While Saitama Prefecture is currently under a declared state of emergency, our factory remains open, and we want to reassure our customers that the smooth and speedy delivery of your products remains our top priority in these uncertain times. To read more about the safety measures we are implementing, click here.

Safety Data Sheets now available in English  |  2018/7/5
Our Material Safety Data Sheets for Chromium Copper, Aluminum Bronze, Beryllium Copper, NC Alloys and Special High-Strength Brass are now available in English. They can be accessed from the Material Safety Data Sheets page.

We will be exhibiting at METALEX VIETNAM 2017  |  2017/9/22
With support from the city of Tokyo, we will be exhibiting our products at METALEX VIETNAM 2017 in the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center from October 12 (Wed) through October 14 (Fri).

We look forward to seeing you there.

http://www.metalexvietnam.com/ - Booth No. T04 in the Tokyo Pavillion

In the News: Paris Air Show Round-up  |  2017/7/20
Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Paris Air Show from June 19th to 25th. We were featured in two news articles about the air show. You can read them below:

Japan Metal Daily: "Yamato Gokin exhibits raw material for bushings" 7/10/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)
"TMAN International Exhibition" (PDF, in Japanese)

Yamato welcomes national government employees for factory visit  |  2017/7/7
In April of this year, fifty new hires from the Japanese national government came to visit Yamato and Miyoshi Gokin. After touring the company facilities, they had a Q&A and discussion session with company staff. Yamato president Genjiro Hagino welcomed the government employees and expressed his hope that "seeing the reality of manufacturing firsthand will be benificial to [them] as future policy-makers."

Details of the visit were published in this week's issue of the Japan Metal Daily, and can be viewed below.

Japan Metal Daily: "Yamato Gokin assists government employee training," 7/7/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: June News Round-up  |  2017/6/16
Yamato Gokin was featured in three recent articles from the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. The articles focus on Yamato's push to employ more foreign talent. Company president Genjiro Hagino has welcomed two native English speakers to the company this past year, and is currently looking to hire a third. He stated his approach as follows: "I don't want to put foreign employees in a box; rather, my goal is to match them to work that fits their strenghts, so that they can eventually become workplace leaders and managers."

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "SMEs pushing for excellence," 5/31/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "Recruiting foreign talent with work experience program," 6/15/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "Hiring foreigners as a bridge to overseas business," 6/20/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

Exhibition details (Paris Air Show)  |  2017/6/12
NAME:The 52th International Paris Air Show 2017
VENUE: Le Bourget Exhibition Centre
                (Parc des Expositions Paris-le Bourget)
                Aeroport Paris-le Bourget, 93350 Le Bourget
DATES: 6/19 (Mon) ~ 6/25 (Sun), 2017
TRADE DAYS: 6/19 (Mon) ~ 6/22 (Thurs)
PUBLIC DAYS: 6/23 (Fri) ~ 6/25 (Sun)
BOOTH #: Hall 6 - A34 (in the Tokyo booth)

In the News: May News Round-up  |  2017/05/24
Yamato Gokin was featured in two articles from the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun this month.

The first article covers a factory tour we gave to thirteen members from Tokyo Denki University, who visited our company on April 13th as part of an industry-university cooperation event hosted by the university.

The second article reports on the winners of the 2017 Saitama Challenge Business Award, administered by the Saitama Sangyojin Club. This year's special prize was awarded to Yamato Gokin's chairman, Shigeo Hagino.

Both articles can be viewed in a single PDF below.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "TDU tours Yamato Gokin," "Saitama Challenge Business Award," 5/12/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

Miyoshi-Mori Concert video now available in English  |  2017/04/25
The video featurette on our holiday music concert is now available with English subtitles. It can be viewed below:

Thank you again to everyone who came out to join us. We hope to see you again at the next concert.

In the News: 10% increase in overseas business by 2018  |  2017/04/13
Two articles about Yamato Gokin were recently published in the Japan Metal Bulletin.

The first article summarizes Yamato's business forecast for the year. The company anticipates a 10% growth in overseas business by 2018, primarily in the aerospace sector. Yamato aims to continue increasing aerospace business by 20-30% per year, in addition to growing their existing business in the automotive, semiconductor, undersea fiberoptic cable, and other industries.

The second article provides a brief overview of Yamato Gokin and company president Genjiro Hagino's vision for the company's future. This includes expanding Yamato's business from primarily small orders to both small and medium orders; growing overseas business; and hiring more foreign employees. Yamato currently employs sales personnel from China, the USA, and Brazil.

Japan Metal Bulletin: "Aerospace business off to strong start," 3/13/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)
Japan Metal Bulletin: "Growing our company by playing to our strengths," 3/16/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: Business Continuity Plan finalized  |  2017/02/27
Yamato president Genjiro Hagino has just finalized a new Business Continuity Plan.

The plan, which is "the sort of plan that will allow Yamato to restore business operations within a week after experiencing a 7.0 earthquake," was created with the goal of minimizing customer impact in the event of a natural disaster or other unforseen business interruption. Below is a short article on the BCP by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "Completion of BCP," 2/27/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: Yamato secures aerospace distribution deal  |  2017/02/20
After a succesful audit at the end of 2016, we are pleased to announce that we are now supplying our aluminum bronze bushings to one of the largest European landing gear manufacturers. The bushings will be used in both MRO and in new aircraft.

About the transaction, company president Genjiro Hagino remarked, "This deal holds great significance to Yamato and Miyoshi, as it marks our first time supplying materials for new aircraft. We are very excited for this opportunity to expand our aerospace business."

Read more about the deal and our history as an aerospace supplier here:

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: "With bushing business, a turn to finished parts supply," 2/20/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: Yamato aims for 5 billion yen sales in 2017  |  2017/01/20
As reported by Japan Metal Daily, Yamato Gokin aims to top 5 billion yen in sales for the 2017 fiscal year, a 5% increase over 2016 business. Market priorities for the year include aerospace and new energy, among other sectors.

In an official statement, company president Genjiro Hagino stated: "In addition to our longstanding policy of providing small quantities of a high variety of products, this year we aim to grow our business and expand our focus to medium-size orders as well. At the same time, we are committed to maintaining the atmosphere of a SME."

Japan Metal Daily: "Expanding business to European aerospace sector," 1/20/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: Miyoshi-Mori Music Concert  |  2017/01/17
Our company's holiday event (held on January 7th) was featured in an industry newspaper.
A five-minute video of the event is now available as well. Please feel free to give them both a look.

Video: The 8th Annual Miyoshi-Mori Music Concert (in Japanese)
Japan Metal Daily: "8th Annual Miyoshi-Mori Music Concert," 1/11/2017 (PDF, in Japanese)

In the News: Company Visit by Saitama Governor  |  2016/12/06
On November 30th, Governer Kiyoshi Ueda of Saitama, along with prefectural assembly members Eiichi Tsuchiya, Kazue Maehara, and Mayor Isao Hayashi of Miyoshi, visited our company. An article about the visit was published in the Saitama Shimbun.

Saitama Shimbun: "Governor's 'See-Everything Tour'," 12/5/2016 (PDF, in Japanese)

We will be exhibiting at Manufacturing Indonesia 2016  |  2016/11/09
Thank you to everyone who visited us at our booth.

With support from the city of Tokyo, we will be exhibiting our products at the Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 Expo, part of the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) in Kemayoran, from November 11 through December 3.

http://manufacturingindonesia.com/ Booth No. D9524

We look forward to seeing you there.

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